Parev Jewellery cleverly fuses classic with contemporary, to create jewellery with timeless appeal.

With his extensive experience, Ken Kose, owner of Parev Jewellery, has mastered the art of capturing the discerning eye and heart. His yeas of knowledge ensure eacha nd every piece is designed and crafted with effortless artistry, carrying a timeless quality and contemporary appeal.

ken kose

I grew up around the trade and many of my family and friends are jewellers, it's been something I've always been surrounded with.

Though behind his relaxed and un-assuming demeanour there is an obvious talent and business know-how. Ken has devoted years of intensive training, in both design and craftsmanship, before successfully striking out on his own. The combined talent and dedication of Ken and his business partner Joseph Firtina, has seen the 20-year reigning success of what is Parev Jewellery.

This creative fulfilment ensures Parev Jewellery's ability to consistently satisfy and meet their customers' desire for distinctive design and demand for excellence, originality and prestige, maintaining their long-term jewellery admirers.

As a hands on buyer and participant Ken travels the globe sourcing on ly the pieces and materials consistent with Parev standards. And what is it that upholds the Parev standard?

Syle. I have to look whether it is relevant to our market and whether it's the sort of thing I want in the store...We have our own unique style that people like and come here for, they're not goign to see it anywhere else, contemporary, sharper looking pieces.

Each and every piece, whether an opulent pendant or wedding band, is realised through Ken's innate craftsmanship and Parev Jewellery's unsurpassed quality, with stones above half a carat also being accompanied by certification.