Handy tips - cleaning your diamond

Fill a cup with equal parts cold water and ammonia. Soak jewellery for half an hour, then remove and gently work around the setting with a soft toothbrush.

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Engagment ring insurance

Before slipping that ring on your fingers it's important to have it insured.

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Gemstone engagement ringss

Romancing the Stone

When it comes to selecting a gemstone for an engagement ring, the diamond remains the most popular choice because of its rarity., durability, strength and value.

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Engagment ring metal guide

Metal Matters

When it comes tot he wedding band you've got a variety of metals to choose from.

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Ring setting guide

A setting refers to the way in which a stone is held in place within a ring. The best types of settings are those that secure your sparkler whilst maximising the entr of light into the diamond.

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Engagement ring buying guide

With this Ring

We navigate the rules of engagement to arm you on your search for the perfect ring.

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